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The Track:

Below is a picture of the track with arrows pointing to the centre piece and endstopper:

Centre piece - In the middle of the track, where the curtains are fed into and removed from.

End stoppers - At each end of the track, the end of the curtain can be clipped into them, when clipped in they
hold the end of the curtain so the curtain doesn't move away from the edge of the window.


Tracking Sizes: Easy Tracks can be made in almost any size, built into a single melamine board. We can make
custom sizes in board width, number of tracks and position of each track.

Below are our standard tracking sizes:

S10 - 10cm wide 1 track in middle of board

S12 - 12cm wide 1 track 7cm distance from front edge

D15 - 15cm wide 2 tracks, 1 track 4cm distance from back edge & 1 track 4cm distance from front edge
D17 - 17cm wide 2 tracks, 1 track 4cm distance from back edge & 1 track 6cm distance from front edge

T22 - 22cm wide 3 tracks, 1 track 4cm distance from back edge, 1 track 4cm distance from front edge & 1 track in the middle of the board Headboard

Notes about common sizes:

Single Track 100mm Centre (S10) and Double 150mm (D15) - are normally used with wooden or upholstered pelmets.

Single 120mm (S12) and Double 170mm (D17) - are normally used with fabric valances or swags and tails.
The extra 20mm is so the curtains don't interfere with the fabric of the top treatment.

We can also provide treatments without any track at all, just using the craftwood melamine board
our standard sizes for these are:


H5 - Board only 5cm wide

H10 - Board only 10cm wide

H12 - Board only 12cm wide

H15 - Board only 15cm wide

H17 - Board only 17cm wide

H22 - Board only 22cm wide