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Pelmet profiles
avail raw or painted:

Plain 100 Craftwood:

Co5 93 FJP:

Beltrail 92 Craftwood:

Nova 93 FJP:

Milano 93 FJP:

Plain 120 CR W Dado Ch:

Plain 140 CR Chamfered:

Plain 170 CR Chamfered:

Plain 170 CR Rounded:

Co5 140 FJP:

CO5 140 FJP W Dado:

Fed 140 FJP:

Fed140 with dado FJP:

Milano 140 FJP:

Milano 140 FJP W Dado:

Milano 140 FJP W LDado:




Pelmet profiles
avail varnished

WRC 92 Western Red Ceder:

Nova 93 Clear Pine:

Nova 93 Queensland Red Ceder:

Nova 93 Tasi Oak:

CO5 92 Clear Pine:

CO5 140 Clear Pine:

CO5 140 Clear Pine With Dado:

Fed 140 Clear Pine:

Fed 140 Clear Pine W Dado:

Fed 140 Queensland Red Ceder:

Fed 140 Queensland Red Ceder W Dado: