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Our wooden pelmets are all constructed around our tracking so when they are completed they are in one piece. The actual tracks are built into a single piece of melamine board and are available with 1,2 or 3 tracks in them. Pelmets are normally installed straight onto the top of the architrave this adds a nice finish to your home and covers the top of your window frame.

Varnished Wooden Pelmets

Varnished Wooden Pelmets

Being timber we varnish the pelmets as soon as they are assembled and the wood is kept in a light proof area because any light can dis-colour the timber.

Pelmets can also be stained to a colour on request.

Wooden pelmets may vary in colour and surface, some pieces of wood have more knots and character than other woods. We try to match the wood as closely as possible if the pelmets are going to be in the same room.

To Paint Wooden Pelmets

To Paint Wooden Pelmets

Painted pelmets are sold either raw(ready for you to paint) or painted by us in our spray booth. If we are painting them we can paint them any colour you need all you need to provide us with is either the paint or the paint colour name. We paint the pelmets in either oil or solvent based (for our standard white) paint.

Examples of the finished product

Example: Pelmet Nova QRC varnished with sheer softening blind

Pelmet QRC sheer


Example: Pelmet Fed 140 FJP painted white with sheer and curtains

Fed 140 W dato painted white


Example: Pelmet Fed 140 FJP painted white with sheer and curtains

Fed140Wdado in Queenslander