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Gliders - Current:

Gliders to fit tracks with the white trap door centre piece.(Available packs of 100)

Gliders current

Gliders - Green:

Gliders to fit tracks with the green sliding centre piece.(Available packs of 100)

Glider for green

Endstopper and pin:

Attached at each end extrusion track to keep curtain back. To install twist with plyers and carefully press pin the hole in end stopper.

End stopper and pin

Centre piece trap door:

Allows curtains to be removed by pushing 2 plastic trap door pieces up with finger. Allows curtains to be fitted by gently pushing glider against trap door pieces and then sliding across into opening. To install slide back part under edges of slot in extrusion then put front parts under one side at a time, gently tap side ways until both plastic trap door pieces are springing back fully.

White trapdoor centre piece

Centre piece green sliding:

Allows curtains to be removed and refitted by sliding across revealing opening. To remove pinch together and pull out, to install push in.

Green sliding centre piece

Extrusion - Current:

Extrusion used for current trap door centre piece.

extrusion for current

Extrusion - Green:

Extrusion used for green sliding centre piece.

Extrusion for green

Centre stopper:

Is inserted and twisted into track to hold curtain more in the middle for side drapes.

Centre stopper

Complete lifting rod - Current:

Lifting rod for the current system - trap door centre piece system.
**Please note lifting rods for the green system with sliding centre piece are currently not available**

Lifting rod

Lifting rod - End piece red:

Lifting rod end red

Lifting rod - Handle piece:

Handle piece that slides in lifting rod.

Lifting rod handle